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Rosboro Plywood MillSheathing

Rosboro Sheathing Grade Plywood is our workhorse panel that offers excellent stability and consistent quality. Panels are available in 4' x 8', 4' x 9' and 4' x 10'. Produced in our APA-certified mill and available in Struc 1, CDX and CSA-approved CCX. Panels are available with tongue & groove or shiplap edges as options.

Low Formaldehyde Emissions

When choosing Rosboro's APA trademarked engineered wood panels, you can be sure the glues used in their manufacture are safe for both builders and consumers. Performance panels manufactured in accordance with U.S. Voluntary Product Standards PS 1 and PS 2 use phenol formaldehyde. Their unique chemistry makes these waterproof adhesives highly durable and stable, resulting in low formaldehyde emissions. APA Rated panels use only moisture resistant adhesives that are exempt from U.S. HUD and California formaldehyde regulations due to their very low emission rates. Click here for more information on Low Formaldehyde Emissions.

Grades: CDX, CCX and Structural 1

Sizes Available: 4' x 8', 4' x 9' and 4' x 10'

Thickness Available: 3/8" to 3/4"

Rosboro Plywood MillPieces per Unit

  • 3/8" - 88 pcs.
  • 1/2" - 66 pcs.
  • 5/8" - 55 pcs.
  • 3/4" - 44 pcs.

Certification: APA  

International Approval:

CSA (Canada) & CE (Europe)



  • Truck & Van
  • Rail - UP at mill and BNSF
  • Container