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Rosboro No Prior Select

Rosboro Studs

2x4 & 2x6 Studs

Rosboro specializes in green and dry Douglas fir and KD Hem-Fir studs in standard and custom trim lengths. All Rosboro Studs are #2 & Better PET with “No Prior Select”. This means the high grade has not been pulled out of the unit therefore builders can count on consistent quality.

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3” & 4” Studs

In addition to 2x4 and 2x6 studs, Rosboro manufactures S4S 3x4, 3x6, and 4x6 green Douglas fir #1&btr and #2&btr in lengths from 92-1/4” PET to 10’ DET as well as special trims. These products are 75% FOHC, allow light wane and are anti-stain treated. Each piece is grade stamped separately to avoid confusion on the job site.

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RMT – Rosboro Manufactured Timber

Rosboro has created a laminated substitute for solid-sawn Douglas fir timber. Our manufacturing team has worked with the WCLIB and WWPA to create RMT, a size-for-size, grade-for-grade alternative to Douglas fir timber. It's certified under the same lumber grading rules as solid sawn, and is structurally engineered to meet the same stress ratings. RMT is also manufactured to uniform dimensions, so it's completely interchangeable with solid-sawn timber of the same size and grade. Since RMT is a manufactured timber preferred lengths are no problem. RMT is available in a range of lengths up to 60 feet. Because it's kiln dried to a moisture content of less than 15 percent before assembly, it resists twisting, splitting, cupping, and warping, which are common problems with green solid-sawn timber. Click here to read more.


Rosboro’s utilizes the wood waste that is generated in the manufacturing process to heat the kilns. The water that is removed from the wood during the drying process is captured and recycled. The steam heat conditions the wood as it dries resulting in a straight and dimensionally stable stud product.

Rosboro Stud MillMill 8 hour Capacity: 350 mbf

Grading Association: WCLIB


  • 90% Douglas Fir
  • 10% Hemlock/White Fir


Rosboro Studs can be shipped with other Rosboro products such as plywood, dimensional lumber and glulam.

  • Truck, Vans
  • Rail - UP & BNSF


  • Anti-Stain Treated
  • End-Waxed
  • Special Precision Trims
  • Mixed Loads
  • Paper Wrap