In 1971, Oregon became the first state to pass a comprehensive law to regulate forest practices and safeguard water, fish and wildlife habitat, soil and air. The rules of the Oregon Forest Practices Act are continually reviewed and updated to keep pace with the most current scientific research. Here are some of the key requirements:

  • Reforestation: Landowners must complete replanting within two years after harvest, with at least 200 tree seedlings per acre.  Within six years, the harvest area must be a healthy stand of trees that can outgrow competing grass and brush.
  • Protection of water sources: Timber harvesting, road building and chemical use are restricted close to streams to protect fish and drinking water.
  • Protection of wildlife habitat: Live trees, snags and fallen logs must be left after harvest to provide structure for wildlife habitat.
  • Limits on clearcuts: A clearcut cannot exceed 120 acres. Clearcuts within 300 feet of each other cannot total more than 120 acres on the same ownership.
  • Chemical application: Forest protection laws limit the use of chemicals. Foresters must follow a variety of state and federal regulations when using herbicides that slow down the growth of invasive plants and other vegetation that compete with newly planted tree seedlings for water, sunlight and nutrients. This helps the young trees survive and become established enough that herbicides are no longer needed until the next replanting.

Log Purchasing


What We Buy

Rosboro is always in the market for logs, standing timber as well as land and timber

Our manufacturing facilities utilize the following:

  • Douglas Fir Logs 6" to 20" small end diameter
  • Whitewood Logs 6" to 11" small end diameter

Rosboro Works With Landowners

  • A Rosboro representative will make a site visit to help determine the best harvest options
  • Offer a competitive price for your logs or timberland
  • No job too small - one load or many

Log Yard Location

Rosboro's log yard is located at the conrer of 28th and Main Street in Springfield, Oregon. The log yard is very efficient and our employees take pride in quick service and short turn-around times.



Brian Tenbusch

Log Acquistition Director