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osboro X-Beam glulam is the most cost effective Engineered Wood Product on the market today. Rosboro X-Beam is 20% to 30% less expensive than LVL and up to 20% less expensive than laminated strand lumber (LSL), so it is also a great choice for short door and window headers.

Design software makes it easy to compare and specify alternative engineered wood products and make the most cost effective choice.

Design Tables

Rosboro Design Software

Rosboro X-Beam supported Software

Rosboro’s X-Beam and Treated X-Beam glulam is supported by some of the most popular wood design software on the market today.

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isDesign Software

isDesign software takes all of the guesswork out of specifying and using glulam. Created by Calculated Structured Designs, this software allows users to easily enter the span and load conditions for a given project and automatically determine the best product for that application. Users can also calculate multiple spans, point loads, cantilevers, and other applications. It recognizes all United States building codes and offers printable design calculations and beam capacities. Click here to get isDesign requirements and installation information.

MiTek Sapphire Software

MiTek Sapphire logoRosboro X-Beam and Treated X-Beam is now suported in the MiTek SAPPHIRE Procuct Suite in the following versions:

Sapphire Structure™ / Sapphire Build™ / Sapphire Supply™ / USP Specifier™    Click here to learn more.

Weyerhaeuser Design Software

  • Weyehauser LogoForte software sizes joists, beams, posts and studs and performs load calculations. User may design for a specific spacing, member depth, or the best economical solution.
  • Javelin software utilizes 3D modeling to specify products and track vertical loads from the ridge to the foundation.
  • Estima empowers dealer sales reps to convert a drawing to a material take-off

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