Inventoried Items

Glulam Availability

Stock glulam beams have standardized characteristics such as section size, camber, appearance and strength. These glulams are inventoried at local wholesale and dealer yards for immediate shipment to jobsite. Specifying stock beams that are available from local inventories are cost effective and will eliminate long custom lead times.

Inventoried Widths:

  • 3-1/2″, 5-1/2″, 6-3/4″, 8-3/4″

Inventoried Depths:

  • Conventional depths 6” to 24” in1-1/2″ increments as well as I-Joist compatible
    depths 9.5”, 11.875”, 14”, 16”, 18”


Because most residential and light commercial applications require little or no camber X-Beam is manufactured with a slight 5000 foot radius. There is virtually no camber in beams with length up to 18 foot.

Multi-Span and Cantilever Beams

It is a common misconception that 24f-V4 unbalanced beams cannot be used in multi-span or cantilever applications.

Cantilever Beams

Stock 24f-V4 unbalanced glulam can be used for most residential applications where the cantilever length is relatively short. As a rule of thumb, uniformly loaded cantilever overhangs up to 20% of the main span can be accommodated using an unbalanced beam from local inventories with no special order V-8 layup required. For example; a member with a 20 foot span that is uniformly loaded would permit a 4’ overhang. For longer length cantilevers that exceed the 20% of the main span rule, it may be necessary to custom order a 24f-V8 beam.

Designs can be checked with isDesign software to confirm that an unbalanced beam will work in a specific multi span or cantilever condition.

Multi-Span Beams

A standard 24f-V4 beam can be used in many residential multi-span applications. Designs can be checked with isDesign software.

Software Support

Rosboro’s X-Beam glulam is supported by isDesign Software. This software allows users to easily enter the span and load conditions for a given project and the software will calculate simple spans, multiple spans, point loads, cantilevers, and other applications. It recognizes all United States building codes and offers printable design calculations and beam capacities.

Click here to get a free isDesign license and installation information.

Custom Beams

Custom beams can be ordered in just about any size or shape and in many different species and appearances. Custom lead times run between 2 and 5 weeks depending on the complexity of the order and current market conditions.
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