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Western Structures™ Custom Glulam

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X-Rim™ | Next-Generation Rim

Rosboro's X-Rim is the first glulam beam manufactured specifically for rim applications. X-Rim is zero-camber, kiln-dried and manufactured to tight depth tolerance so it installs flat in floor systems and stays that way. Available with LiquidWrap sealer to protect against rainy building seasons.

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X-Beam™ | Next-Generation Glulam 24F-V4

X-Beam is the industry's first full framing-width architectural appearance glulam, making it ideal for both exposed and concealed framing applications. X-Beam is the preferred glulam for framers and builders because it fits the wall and integrates seamlessly with both EWP and conventional framing systems.

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X-Beam™ Columns

Rosboro X-Beam™ glulam columns allow builders to run framing from floor to ceiling with one continuous piece. X-Beam™ glulam columns are architectural appearance S4S and Eased 4 Edges.

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Big Beam DF™ 30F-E/DF2

BigBeam-DF is a high-strength, 3,000, 2.1E balanced layup Doug fir glulam that is the perfect solution for longer spans and heavy load conditions.

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Rosboro Manufactured Timber | RMT®

Rosboro Manufactured Timber (RMT®) is a cost-effective, laminated substitute for solid-sawn Douglas Fir timber. It is manufactured from kiln-dried lam stock, so it is straight and stable.

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"No prior select" Rosboro green and dry Douglas Fir and KD Hem-Fir studs are available in standard and custom trim lengths for the builder wanting value-added versatile studs.

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Dimension Lumber

Making your job easier, Rosboro's dimensional lumber is #2 & BTR KD Douglas Fir, 8 to 20 feet in length.

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