Buy the beam that bears the load.

Rosboro Big Beam DF™ is the perfect choice for high-strength engineered beam and header applications.


  • Easy to cut and install
  • Ideal for wall and floor framing
  • I-Joist depths are compatible in EWP floor systems
  • Dry, straight, and dimensionally stable
  • BigBeam DF does not require special hangers or screws
  • Balanced layup (no top)


  • Full width: 3-½”, 5-½”, and 7″
  • Depths: 9-¼”, 9-½”, 11-¼”, 11-⅞”, 14″, 16″, and 18″

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Big Beam 2 Big Beam 3

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Technical Specs

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Design Properties

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Case Study

Rosboro glulam, famous for its long-span applications, spanned effortlessly across the largest of the H-E-B stores, and the glulam lent itself to the resource-efficient commercial architecture.

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Can I cut and drill holes in glulam beams?

Yes. You can cut or drill holes in glulam beams up to 2/3 of the depth! Glulam is  engineered with specific laminations of varying strength and stiffness properties, so certain areas beam need to be protected. View more information for both small and large diameter holes in the APA Technical Resources section of our Resource Library.

Is there a cost-effective alternative to expensive high-strength LVL and PSL?

Yes, there is. For these applications Rosboro has developed a hybrid glulam beam called Big Beam DF®. Unlike LVL and PSL, glulams are manufactured to maximize the efficiency of the raw material’s engineering properties using the same principle applied in “I” joists. Glulams are built in a specific pattern, so high strength material is placed in the tension and compression zones (top and bottom) and lower grade wood is used in the core. The Big Beam DF® hybrid glulam uses high strength LVL for the top and bottom laminations and standard Douglas fir for the core. The result is a 30F, 2.2E (true) beam that meets or exceeds the capacity of LVL and PSL at a much more economical cost. Rosboro Big Beam DF® is lighter and more stable than other hybrid glulams because we use DF and not Southern Yellow Pine. It is also much easier to cut and nail into than most other high strength EWP. You’ll find Big Beam DF® in stock at many of our distributors.

I installed my glulam beam upside down, is it ok?

By installing the beam upside down, you lose approximately 25% of the beam strength. If possible, flip the beam to the correct orientation. If flipping the beam is not possible, please consult with a licensed professional to decide if the beam is still adequate for the application.

Can I use glulam on my green construction projects? Do Rosboro glulam products qualify for LEED credits?

Absolutely! Wood is the most environmentally friendly and sustainable building material in the world. APA has published a detailed Green Verification Report for Rosboro products that outlines which LEED credits are available depending on the standard you are using. You can download this report from the Product Specification and Code Report section of our Resource Library.

What is the difference between True E and Apparent E?

Apparent E, the MOE value published for timbers and other solid sawn lumber products, is easiest to work with because it includes both bending deflection and shear deflection. True E does not. Some engineered wood products manufacturers focus their marketing on the True E of their products. Be careful with this; when using True E you must calculate the shear deflection separately from the bending deflection and the two values must be combined for code-compliance.

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