Custom Glulam

Get the custom fit you need.

Glulam can be manufactured in custom lengths over 100′, widths to 14-1/4″, and depths to 72″ with specified camber or curved, and in many species and finishes.


  • Curves and custom section sizes are no problem, including metric dimensions
  • Rosboro can provide Douglas Fir treated glulam to meet a specific application
  • Alaska Yellow Cedar glulam is also available when a naturally durable species is preferred over treated product
  • Glulam can be fabricated at the plant, making job site installation quick and cost effective
  • Custom glulam can typically be shipped within 2-3 weeks of order

Rosboro offers many appearances

  • Architectural
  • Industrial
  • Framing
  • Premium (Industry Specification)
  • Premium Hand Select (Best)

Other Customization Options

  • Available with a rough sawn texture
  • Available straight or with a specified camber anywhere from a fraction of an inch up to a tight curve

Can be ordered with specified treatment to protect against decay, mold, and insect attack, with preservative treatments selected to meet requirements of commercial, industrial, or residential applications. Alaskan Yellow Cedar products can be ordered curved or fabricated.
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Technical Specs

Weight Span Calculator

Enter the beam width and depth to lookup the approximate weight (per foot):Enter the type of beam, span, and weight to calculate.Crunch the numbers for your next project!

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Case Study

Rosboro glulam, famous for its long-span applications, spanned effortlessly across the largest of the H-E-B stores, and the glulam lent itself to the resource-efficient commercial architecture.

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What is camber?

Camber is a "crown" purposely built into a glulam at the time of manufacture. It is most often desired in long span applications to counteract deflection. Camber does not affect the strength of the beam. Residential stock beams are normally made in either 5000' radius or zero camber, while other engineered wood products are zero camber. Most residential spans are less than 24', and the camber derived from a 5000' radius falls inside industry accepted manufacturing tolerances for zero camber beams. These glulams are increasingly popular because they contribute to a "flat" framing system without humps.

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