Rosboro Laminated Decking™

Cost-Effective Decking Solution for Mass Timber
Rosboro Laminated DeckingTM is a cost-effective alternative compared to other mass timber floor and roof systems such as CLT (Cross Laminated Timber).

Features and Benefits of Laminated Decking

  • Easier to handle and install than bulky panel systems
  • Wide face of lumber is not exposed, greatly reducing
    the visibility of checking
  • Ideal for floor or roof designs that include a space
    between panels in the exposed ceiling for utility
  • Bearing support only required perpendicular to span
    allowing for the use of floor-to-ceiling curtain wall
    systems below panel edges
  • Can be pre-fabricated with all connections and
    openings just like CLT
  • 1-hour and 2-hour fire rated conformance
  • Wide range of size options make RLD the most cost
    effective wood roof and floor decking on the market

Available Sizes

  • Thickness: 3 1⁄2”, 5 1⁄2”, 6 3⁄4”, and 8 3⁄4”
  • Widths: 12” through 48”
  • Length: 10’ to 60’
With all laminations oriented on the strong axis RLD is stronger than CLT, allowing you to use smaller sections and reduce project costs.
3 1⁄2” RLD can replace 3-ply CLT while 5 1⁄2” RLD replaces 5-ply CLT in most floor and roof applications.
The exposed surface is available with either architectural or industrial appearance to fit a variety of project needs.

Designed for single and multi-span applications, Rosboro Laminated Decking provides a high-strength, visually appealing base for any Mass Timber structure.

Design Values


  1. Flat-use factor (Cfu) per 2015 NDS Secion 5.3.7.
  2. Applicable to dry-use service conditions (CM = 1.0).
  3. Applicable to in service temperature conditions ȱ 100°F (Ct = 1.0).
  4. Values assume minimum 12 inch decking width.

Design Values


  1. Beam weight is assumed to be 35 pcf
  2. Tabulated Maximum Resistive Shear and Maximum Resistive Moment values are reported per one foot of decking width.

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Technical Specs