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All Products Rosboro

Rosboro All Products Flyer

Informational brochure highlighting Rosboro products and information.

Rosboro X-Beam™ (Douglas Fir)

X-Beam Flyer

Introductory information about the full framing-width glulam, the X-Beam™ by Rosboro.

X-Beam Specifications

Glulam specifications, intended to provide design values and product attributes for Rosboro X-Beam.

X-Beam Design Properties

Design value tables for Rosboro's X-Beam

X-Beam Technical Guide

Technical guide, with data tables, about Rosboro's full framing-width glulam beam, the X-Beam™ by Rosboro.

Simpson Strong Tie Connector Guide for X-Beam

Simpson Strong Tie Connector Selection Guide for Rosboro's X-Beam

Rosboro Glulam Warranty

Rosboro's Glulam Warranty certificate.

X-Beam Load Tables

Rosboro X-Beam Live Load / Total Load Tables

An Excel workbook of span tables for Rosboro X-Beam

X-Beam Single Story Header Tables

Rosboro X-Beam Single-Story Header Allowable Loads Tables

Tall Wall Column Tables

Rosboro Tall Wall Columns Allowable Loads Tables

X-Beam Column Tables

Rosboro X-Beam Columns Allowable Loads Tables

Rosboro Big Beam DF™

Big Beam Flyer

Introductory information about Rosboro's high-strength 30fb glulam

Rosboro Big Beam DF™ Design Properties

Rosboro Big Beam DF™ Design Properties

Rosboro Big Beam Load Tables

Rosboro Big Beam Load Tables

Rosboro X-Rim™

X-Rim Design Properties

Document containing the X-Rim's Design Properties.

X-Rim Flyer

Informational flyer about Rosboro's X-Rim, the latest in glulam technology.

Rosboro Custom Glulam

Custom Glulam Flyer

Overview of Rosboro Custom Glulam Capabilities

Rosboro RMT

RMT User Guide

RMT - Rosboro Manufactured Timber User Guide

DSA Product Acceptance for Rosboro Manufactured Timber - PA-109 dated 6/19/2001

California's Division of the State Architect's approval of Rosboro Manufactured Timbers RMT Glulam

IR 23-10 California DSA dated 8/15/2008

Interpretation of Regulations intended to promote more uniform criteria for plan review and construction inspection within DSA jurisdiction

RMT Development WCLIB

WCLIB letter about Rosboro RMT's performance, as well as visual and adhesive requirements

EWP Code Reports

APA Product Report PR-L251

APA Product Report PR-L251 - Rosboro Structural Glued Laminated Timber

ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-1940

Glued-Laminated Timber Combinations

EWP Product and Design Guides

Glulam in Residential Building Construction Guide

This guide from APA details the uses of APA-trademarked structural glued laminated timber (glulam) in residential construction. It explains the capabilities and characteristics and includes a specification guide providing tips on how to order glulam.

Substitution of Glulam Beams for Steel or Solid-Sawn Lumber

APA report on Substitution of Glulam Beams for Steel or Solid-Sawn Lumber.

Alaska Yellow Cedar Design Tables

Alaska Yellow Cedar Design Tables

Design of Structural Glued Laminated Columns

Design of Structural Glued Laminated Columns

All Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

MSDS for Wood Dust

#22 Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for Wood Dust. New format replaces MSDS.

MSDS for Laminated Beam Products

#48 Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for Laminated Beam Products. New format replaces MSDS.

Britewood Tank Mix (Dilute Solution)

MSDS for Britewood Treated Lumber

Britewood Tank Mix (Dilute Solution)

Britewood Tank Mix (Dilute Solution)

Springfield Glulam End Sealer

Springfield Glulam End Sealer

MSDS for U-100-A 6:1 Std EM Fir AC 59

MSDS for U-100-A 6:1 Std EM Fir AC 59

MSDS for U-100-B Synthetic Patch 60

MSDS for U-100-B Synthetic Patch 60

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